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Updated: Feb 27

I was having the most beautiful morning, feeling blissed out after teaching a sunny Sunday morning class. Then suddenly, I got triggered by a little thing (a post on IG), and my whole system dropped into discomfort. The shift happened so quickly that it felt like a punch in my stomach. Some kind of jealousy and self-doubt was triggered in me. 

My very first instinct was to bring myself down with blame, and to ask questions like why ?

what is wrong with me ? 

Since I have been there many times before, I know that asking these questions only fuels more discomfort.

So I consciously told myself not to go there. And instead I asked:

How can I hold myself in this moment of vulnerability ?

How can I sit with this emotion and still have compassion for myself ? 

What can I do to soothe myself and invite more comfort in my body? 

Essentially, how can I be my friend and be there for me ? 

Asking these questions is a conscious, active practice. Although it is becoming easier and more natural every time.

It is an act of self-love and an act of letting go the expectation that we should always feel good and happy and enjoy life. Although of course we also want that ! 

Asking these questions doesn’t change immediately the way I feel. But it changes the way I support myself in this process of feeling something uncomfortable. 

Today I soothed my system with a long hot shower and a big cry. I felt amazing after and got ready for a coffee date with a friend and a sound bath. Now feel relief in my body and that heavy feeling is not there anymore.

For me writing is a way of sharing my experiences so they feel less heavy to hold on my own and so that I feel less lonely. But asking a friend or a loved one for support is another way. 

The question now is:


Which are your soothing practices ? 

It might be helpful to write a list of them, even a mental list, just to remind yourself of what you can do to support your being in times of unease

PS: watching Netflix and eating chips can be on your list as long as it feels good before, during and after <3

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