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Casa Gaia Ma

Casa means home, Gaia means Earth, Ma means mother

Our name symbolises our rooted connection to the land, our Mother Earth, and our wish to make you feel at home when you visit us

We are located in Imperia, a hidden gem in the region of Liguria, north-west coast of Italy

Casa Gaiama is a family-owned retreat center which focuses on sustainability, sharing, simplicity, community and mindfulness


We provide humble, and comfortable accommodations to help you immerse yourself in nature while practicing daily yoga.

Yoga Retreat in Italy

Who we are

Emily is our funder and takes care of bookings, our website, the organisation and communication. 

Annika, Emily´s mother is our dedicated and kind host

and sometimes chef during the retreats. 

Paolo, Emily´s father is our all-around helper, who built the retreat place and who is always on site taking care of Casa Gaia Ma.

When you visit you will also meet, nonna Mariangela  and nonno Pierino, Emily´s grandparents who live on the same property. Despite their age, they spend most of their time in the garden and are still very active and healthy. 

You will also meet Otto and Laki, our sweet , cuddly dogs.  


What we envision

Emily is our resident retreat host but we would love for you to come and host your own retreat. Or if you are a group of friends looking for a place to recharge and re-connect let us know and we will organise a retreat according to your own wishes. Reach out to us to hear more. 

Yoga Retreat
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